Become a penguin protector

'Be a penguin protector' sign attached to a pole. The sign has white text on a dark grey background, with a dog-walker icon in white on dark blue.

The next time you’re walking around Naval Point, you may notice one of these Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) signs, a reminder to keep your dog on a leash in the area.

From July, kororā/white-flippered penguins will begin nesting in the seawall around Lyttelton Port and surrounding areas, so it’s really important that we work together to protect these precious little birds.

Penguins unique to Canterbury

Kororā/white-flippered penguins are endemic to Canterbury, New Zealand.

They breed only on Banks Peninsula (2,200 pairs) and Motunau Island (1,800 pairs) and are considered to be the one and only indigenous creature unique to Canterbury.

Kororā/white-flippered penguins lay their eggs in a burrow lined with plant material, or in hollows under bushes or rocks, in dunes, or on vegetated slopes of coasts and islands.

Protecting the harbour

This work undertaken by LPC is in line with the Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour’s vision to enhance the health of the harbour.

We envisage a harbour where the waters are free from high levels of pollutants and marine life is thriving.